Requisitos de acceso

¿Quieres unirte? Estos son los requisitos

¿Estás interesado en participar? Conoce los requisitos para registrarte como miembro de la red YWP Spain.


Joven profesional (<35) o estudiante con aptitudes destacadas.


Pasión por alguno de los temas relacionados con el ciclo integral del agua, sea en el campo de la tecnología, gestión, economía, medioambiente etc.


Según los estatutos del YWP Spanish Chapter:

The new access petitions need to be approved by the Steering Committee in their periodic meetings. The cancelation process, however, takes place immediately and it is communicated to the SC in the next meeting for its information. Decisions for approving or denying the access to the Chapter will be taken by 2/3 of the SC. When denying, the SC’s member will have to present an appropriate reason. The SC could delay the decision to the next meeting if more information is needed. It also reserves the right to refuse the admission to anyone that, given his/her activities in the water sector, is against the interests of IWA and/or AEAS. To be officially registered or unregistered, an email must be sent to the Secretary of the Chapter. Schematically the process is as follows:

  1. Official petition of access to the Chapter.
    1. Including a short CV (two page maximum)
    2. Including a motivational letter and topics of interest (one page maximum –single sided-).
    3. Must be send to the Chapter’s Secretary.
  2. Discussion in the next Steering Committee meeting.
    1. Approved, denied or delayed.
    2. A 2/3 majority is needed for approval.
    3. If denied or delayed, an argument is needed.
  3. The Secretary informs the petitioner about the decision taken.

For the best equilibrium and sustainability of the Chapter in this first stage, the SC could deny any application that does not involve any of the next areas:

  • The new member works in any water related departments of universities, research centers, public administration, professional bodies or relevant associations.
  • The new member works in utilities or water related companies.
  • The new member is a student having a remarkable academic curriculum in a water related discipline.

In addition, the SC will make efforts to keep the number of YWP as high as possible but ensuring the sustainability and good governance of the Chapter.


A través de nuestro email:

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