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Water in space. 4 Technology and climate monitoring

Current ADS scientific missions

Now, we would like to focus the content of the article on the applications of human technology to society and climate monitoring.

The most basic answer to anyone doubting the contribution of satellites to their lives is in their pockets (GPS, Internet, smartphone), and as such, it may be reminded that Europe is building its very own GPS constellation called GALILEO, for which an augmentation service (EGNOS) is available, and its phase v3 development on-going, probably by ADS. GALILEO is a public tool, with Public Regulated Services (PRS) as well as Search And Rescue (SAR) services [14], provided to the European citizens by the European Global navigation Satellite systems Agency (GSA).


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Water in space. 3 Space exploration

But, what is ISS if not a stepping stone towards greater goals? Be it when used as a laboratory to improve our knowledge and the efficiency of our tools on Earth, or as a testbed to launch us safely and prepared to the endless horizon of vast space, ISS is the mean, not the end.

The hashtag #JourneyToMars has an obvious stop on the Moon. The current US President (let’s keep it like that), has recently signed an order to foster new missions to the Moon, which is also an European and Chinese objective (let’s not forget the Chinese Space Station, built and run by China alone, and that the first and only Quantum Physics Communications satellite is Chinese, showing the enormous power of this continuously emerging giant).

The Moon Village [4] is an European initiative to start a settlement on the Moon, for research and mining purposes (Figure 9).


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Conoce a los ganadores del Reto de los Espaguetis

Hacer un plato de pasta con el mínimo de agua no es tarea fácil,pero ¡lo hemos conseguido! ¡El Reto de los Espaguetis ya tiene ganadores!

El jurado ha decidido que el premio es para Carolina Cardete, que ha participado a través de Facebook con un genial vídeo haciendo el reto durante la transhumancia.

Aquí puedes verlo al completo:

Carolina se lleva como premio un ejemplar del libro ‘Mi dieta cojea‘ de Aitor Sánchez.


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